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Beach Tennis

Beach Tennis is a sport that is a hybrid of beach volleyball and tennis with some influence of badminton. It combines the fast pace of tennis with the social and relaxed nature of volleyball.

A fun and easy to play

This sport is both fun and easy to play. In fact, one of the reasons why beach tennis is gaining popularity is because it is easier to learn than most racquet sports. And novice players could pick a paddle or a racquet, head into the beach, and get the rally straightaway. It is even much easier for people who have played tennis, table tennis or

What do you need?

Racquet o paddle, a net, a Beach Volleyball Court and Orange Tennis Ball.

A Competitive

Beach Tennis has developed as a competitive sport over the last 20-30 years, and it is continues to gain traction year after year. The game has transformed from being a recreational activity to a highly competitive sport. In fact, Beach Tennis has a World Championship help every year in different location across Europe.

The rules and scorning is similar to tennis, only difference is one serve (not second serve) and short deuce.

In what countries is Beach Tennis

Beach Tennis is mainly played in Italy, Brazil, France and Russia.

Other countries where this sport is played are Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, The UK, Slovenia, Cyprus, Croatia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Australia, Thailand, Usa, Venezuela and some Latin American Countries, among others.

Did you Know?

Beach Tennis as well as Traditional Tennis has a world ranking endorsed by the ITF