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Adult’s Tennis Programs

Our adult program is designed to satisfy our players, depending on the level and need of student; you will improve your Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental skills at the same time that you will have fun and enjoy each class.

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Adult’s levels and descriptions

If you’re a beginner at recreacional level looking to improve your fitness and meet new friends, or aspiring to be a competitive player, we have progressive programs to help you achieve your goals. 

Beach Tennis and Fitness Training for Adults

Tournament and Events

PALMATENIS has a schedule of activities and events throughout the year follow us on social networks to inform you of the details and dates on which they will take place.

Our Specialists


Tennis is a very demanding sport where it requires a comprehensive training of the player.

A balanced mind and body will help you get the results you want in your tennis game.


At Palmatenis we offer you these services with our specialists who will help you develop and unleash your potential, both for children, adolescents and adults of all levels.

For more information you can consult the Appointment section and request your consultation with our specialists.


Determine your hemispheric, ocular, hip, shoulder laterality, determine the dynamic leg, power leg, coordinating leg among other things, will provide both the player and the technical team an optimization of the position of each player in each technical gesture or the tactical. Find out what your laterality is in our test, it will bring you many benefits in your tennis game.


It is always important to clean the biomechanics for better effectiveness and efficiency in the game and above all to avoid injuries. With the biomechanical analysis of videos you can see the differences before and after, and achieve a correct harmony in your tennis game.


It is essential to learn more about the tactics and patterns of play that must be carried out on the court, it is very important to be a successful player, understand the plays, why? And for what? From each stroke you make and making decisions, you have to train and automate it.


At Palmatenis we place great value on understanding and training tactical patterns, it also depends on what type of player you are! Discover it with us!

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