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       By starting and building fundamental movement skills through games-based drills, the goal is to progress students to the next level of our program when they are able to perform to the set criteria according to our benchmark. There are three stages of Tennis10s before reaching the yellow ball, which allow players to start at the right level for their skill: red, orange and green. As the player develops and develops his technical and tactical competencies, he will progress from one stage to another.

The details set out in the three stages are ITF recommendations for the development of a player aged 10 and under. All players develop at different rates, some progressing faster than others

It is important that players only proceed to the next stage when they are able to control the ball and implement tactics effectively in their current stage of Tennis10s. If the player advances too early, he may develop poor technique and lose confidence and interest.

Balls Types

Parents should understand that learning to play tennis  compete is a gradual process and as children progress through the three stages of Tennis10s, parents should encourage their children to become more independent. Parents should also try to focus on how their child is developing, his performance and, most importantly, his enjoyment, rather than his results in games.

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PALMATENIS has a schedule of activities and events throughout the year follow us on social networks to inform you of the details and dates on which they will take place.