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If you want to improve your tennis game it is very important for the development and evolution of your tennis level that you do the fitness program .Tennis is a sport of great physical demand requires additional resistance training, coordination, agility, speed action and reaction.

Tennis is a highly physically demanding sport that requires additional training for endurance, coordination, agility, speed of action and reaction.

Footwork and specific biomechanics work is also very important in order to correctly mechanize the movements and postures that must be performed in each stroke.


These workouts are not only designed for tennis players, they are also designed for other sports disciplines, and for those who want to have a Fitness body.

In the consultation section you will find the experts, in Physical Preparation, Nutrition and Psychology if you want any personalized advice and a specific program


To optimize the performance and the state of our body during physical activity, it must always be accompanied by rest and a good diet.

Our nutrition expert will help you achieve the goals you want.


The advice of a Physiotherapist is important within the work team since it will help you to prevent injuries, strengthen affected areas, biomechanical analysis of movements among others!

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