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 Sports Psychologist

English/ Spanish

  • Mental Test
  • Mental Training
  • Managing emotions On and off the court
  • Pressure management
  • Confidence training
  • Display
  • Development of mental Toughness
  • Sport Psychological strategies & Techniques
Alexander Urquia
Alexander Urquia


English/ Spanish

  • Nutritional test
  • Body mass test
  • Nutrition programs
  • Programs for children, Adolescents and adults With eating problems, obesity problems And diabetes
  • Food programs for high performance players
  • Program for children and the elderly in weight control, both to gain (muscle mass) and to lose weight
  • Nutrition program for the elderly with metabolic disorders

Physical Trainer

English/ Spanish

  • Group class
  • Individual class
  • Physical test
  • Periodizations and training plans
  • Training programs for teenagers and adults with insulin problems and overweigh
  • Training programs for highly competitive players
  • Works of propioception, plyometrics, power, strength, endurance agility and speed
2DSC_3583 (1)
Richard Leon Romero
Physical Therapist
English/ Spanish/Portuguese
  • Physiotherapeutic Evaluation
  • Exercise Prescription according to age and physical condition online
  • Physiotherapy sessions indication of therapeutic functional exercises
  • Ergonomic video analysis
  • Biomechanical analysis of sports gesture and video gait
  • Cardiovascular rehabilitation

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