Neurocience Interviews Applied to Tennis and Sports Psychology

Let’s learn a little more about the importance of Neuroscience applied to Tennis and Sports Psychology in Tennis. Tennis for being such a complex sport, the mental aspect has become a fundamental part for the development of athletes and integral people, let us know through the experts how our emotions influence the decisions we make …

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Tennis Interviews

Let´s get to know a little more about this wonderful sport that we are so passionate about. In each interview we have a special guest, and we will touch on various topics related to tennis, Technique, Tactics, Training Methodologies, Physical Preparation,  Psychology, Marketing, Social Networks for Sports Brands, Nutrition, University and Scholarship and many more …

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Live Tennis Training Session at Home

Enjoy Live Tennis Session at Home, designed by our Director and Tennis Coach Jessica Palma, to improve your physical and tennis skills.
you don’t need many implements, used implements you can get at home!
Those of us who love and breathe tennis do not stop us from perfecting our game.